Michael & Mindi are getting maaaaarried! Posted on Nov 21 2014 by amarishames



Oh my word, I swear every wedding gets better. The stories are always incredible (seriously, I’m such a sucker for a good story) and these two are no exception. That gentleman on the left, Michael, is one of the rare ones. A radiant smile andunderstanding ear for anyone who walks across his path, I had heard tons of good things through our mutual friends. One of them tried to have me take his head shots last year and, when that didn’t pan out, I never dreamed I would be capturing his wedding!

And Mindi. Oh, this girl has danced in front of my lens before and it is always a treat. One of the most compassionate women walking the planet, Mindi is a cheerleader for everyone in her life. These two fit together oh-so-well. And talk about stories – I looove their story! Having dated in the past, they parted ways and lived their own lives for awhile. Fast forward to last fall, they both found themselves single again and dated…again! When I ran into them at an event at The Stockroom, there wasn’t anything official yet. But, while we chatted, Mindi leaned forward and whispers”Amaris! We really need to meet with you – we think we’re booking this place. For our wedding!”
(Cue me doing a dance in the middle of said event like a crazy person.)

Spending the afternoon with them for their engagement session was full of laughs and stories and Mindi brought us amazing pizza! Who doesn’t love wine & pizza in the park before an engagement session? Well, I don’t know who those anti-wine and anti-pizza people are, but they aren’t my people. These two, though, most certainly are and I cannot *wait* to spend the weekend before Christmas with them!
*Yes, you too can do fish faces when your cheeks start to hurt during our time together. Silly faces are one of my most favorite things. 🙂

Congratulations, y’all!