Brandon Cooke | Raleigh Portrait Photographer Posted on Oct 27 2015 by amarishames




We met Brandon in 2014 and snapped this photo.


It’s okay…his green eyes have us mesmerized, too. There are not enough great things we can say about this guy. He is seriously one of our favorite people to be around. This year, he got ahold of us again for some acting portfolio shots. Oh, the difference a year can make!

Portrait_Brandon20150100Portrait_Brandon20150200 Portrait_Brandon20150201 Portrait_Brandon20150209Portrait_Brandon20150212 Portrait_Brandon20150216 Portrait_Brandon20150227 Portrait_Brandon20150232 Portrait_Brandon20150234 Portrait_Brandon20150236 Portrait_Brandon20150238 Portrait_Brandon20150218 Portrait_Brandon20150221 Portrait_Brandon20150203

We had a great time gallivanting around Raleigh, creating some magic for his portfolio. Brandon, we can’t wait to see where your talent takes you!