There is no shipwreck too broken to rebuild.

I think we can all agree that 2016 was, well, not fun. And that’s all we’ll say about that.

After that all ended, I knew that things could only go up. But, Lawd, I had no idea it would involve a move in the name of love, and back to Charleston of all places! It’s been really sweet being back at the salt water, I can’t lie. There is something about a fleet of shrimp boats, a big wide ocean, and windows down driving that will always be home. And Christmas is lovely and wonderful and forever one of my favorite holidays. (Sorry, Thanksgiving, you just can’t beat out the smell of Evergreen trees or the joy of Christmas Tree cakes. #duh)

But, even with all the joy that 2017 brought, there is something about a New Year. A chance to begin anew, a reset button, a lot of rest after our busiest season. And, of course, my birthday. 😉 I firmly believe people need to enjoy birthdays more! It’s one of the BEST days of the year!

So, I never send Christmas cards – I send New Years Cards. We ship wedding clients a bunch of goodies in the month of January, thank you cards go out, the whole nine – all after the first day of a brand new, fresh, wonderful year.

And I wait for this post, too – the recap of the last 365 days and all of the beauties that graced my lenses. Because I don’t want them to get lost in the noise of the holidays. And, frankly, I spend the first couple of days extending gratitude to each one of them by name, picking out this year in review, being thankful for all that support my small business, remembering all of the laughs and sass from each of you!

2017 was a *gorgeous* year. Not perfect, but I am so excited about where things are going and the new home base.
I can.not.wait. for what’s next!
THANK YOU – for all of your support, love, every pizza that gets delivered, every bottle of bourbon that you bring to an event, every hug you give, private moment you let me share, and referral you send my way – my gratitude will never fit into words on a screen.

May you enjoy the hell out of the people I got the honor of capturing this year! I’ll be sharing these on the business pages over the next month, with all of the stories behind them.

And above all, I really hope to see you soon.
*A special note to extend a massive thank you to all who have assisted in an admin capacity or on site, been a second shooter, or otherwise been generous to my work. What I do would never be possible without serious effort on the part of so many people and for them, I am so thankful!! For the joy and kindness of my amazing parents and family, Aram Aghapour (<3), Dana + Chelsea Hartweg, Luke Ashley, Michael + Mindi Ramsey, Eric Stroud, Meera Bhardwaj and crew, Chris + Stacey Ertel, The Collier Family, Olivier Metzler and Kristine Hull, Rachel Hundley, Christian + Anna Major, YWAM Modesto, The Taguchi Family, Josh Orton, David Smith, Ashley Crawford, the entire Alter Ego team, Andrea Benham, Constance Harris, Laura Ganson, Jennifer Hall, Brian Smith, Jay Anderson, Gia Lister, Chelsea LaVere, More Beatty, Kelly Trumpatori, Leslie Bradford, The Manning Family, Steadfast Design, Nicky Wally, Melissa Harding, Danielle Creech, Peter Stout, Maurice Warnell, my amazing UFG ladies and the ever-lovely Olivia Meggs – thank you for everything.