Megan’s Bridal Session at Leslie-Alford-Mim’s House | Carolina Wedding Photographer Posted on Sep 15 2015 by amarishames


It’s okay if you’re drooling over that dress. Just don’t drool on yourself. πŸ˜‰ When Megan confirmed Leslie-Alford-Mim’s House to be their wedding venue we did a chair dance. Even more chair dancing commenced when we were able to get in for her bridal session! This house is absolutely one-of-a-kind and gorgeous. Mandy joined us for a hair & make-up trail run. We think she did pretty great. πŸ™‚

Bridals_MeganSuich0206-X2 Bridals_MeganSuich0215-X2


Megan put a lot of thought into the details, which we love! A good friend designed the invitations and programs (check back for their wedding blog, it’s hilarious). And what’s a wedding without hot pink shoes?!

Bridals_MeganSuich0216-X2 Bridals_MeganSuich0202-X2

We all agreed it was difficult to pick a favorite. BUT this:


Curious as to WHY it was so difficult to decide? Here are some more pretties for your enjoyment.

Bridals_MeganSuich0325-X2 Bridals_MeganSuich0327-X2 Bridals_MeganSuich0328-X2 Bridals_MeganSuich0335-X2 Bridals_MeganSuich0338-X2

Anyone who knows Megan will tell you how infectious her laugh is. We were cracking up all day! It’s great to spend quality time with our brides as they’re dressed up, chatting about their day. It’s a fun time to relax and let them be themselves in front of our lens. Not to mention, Mim’s House as a backdrop doesn’t hurt, either. πŸ˜‰

Bridals_MeganSuich0302-X2 Bridals_MeganSuich0105-X2 Bridals_MeganSuich0309-X2 Bridals_MeganSuich0312-X2Bridals_MeganSuich0315-X2Bridals_MeganSuich0316-X2Bridals_MeganSuich0314-X2Bridals_MeganSuich0319-X2Bridals_MeganSuich0349-X2Bridals_MeganSuich0362-X2Bridals_MeganSuich0358-X2Bridals_MeganSuich0343-X2

We had some *incredible* help from our friend, Adam, on this session as well! His creative eye is insane. We are always so thankful when we can work with him on events. All around the session couldn’t have gone any better and a huge chunk of that is due to him. He sent over a few favorites.

2015_07_03_Megan_Bridal_Session-1-X2 2015_07_03_Megan_Bridal_Session-43-X2 2015_07_03_Megan_Bridal_Session-7-X2 2015_07_03_Megan_Bridal_Session-10-X22015_07_03_Megan_Bridal_Session-13-X2 2015_07_03_Megan_Bridal_Session-15-X2 2015_07_03_Megan_Bridal_Session-18-X2  2015_07_03_Megan_Bridal_Session-42-X2


Can’t lie- we basically lost it over this stair photo.

BIG thank you to Leslie-Alford-Mim’s House for having us, Mandy for hair & make-up, and Adam for keeping us on our toes. If you love these, just wait until you see their wedding day. <3