Photo: Jacob Slaton

However you made it here, welcome! I am an extrovert and I can confidently say I can’t wait to meet you. People are the biggest joy in this job, with imagery running very close behind. (Bourbon, great chocolate, motorcycles and bear hugs are also pretty favorite.) But the people, they are the best.

A lot of folks who come my way do not enjoy pictures. “We thought with you, though, it might not be so bad. Everyone in your photos is having so much fun!” YES. They are! Sure, we’ll capture a couple of posed images because they’re valuable – especially for grandma. Overall, though, I want to create images that capture your real smile, the way your nose scrunches up when you laugh, the way your partner looks at you every day.

Because I love genuine emotion. Arms wide open embraces. Real tears and hand holding. Authenticity is one of the things I hold dearest. Let’s keep it real.

I try to create space for you to be your real self. At wedding rehearsals – and I go to every one – I introduce myself at the end. And then, I tell everyone there that the job of my team the next day is to be of service. That, if any of the wedding party is struggling, to please let us know. Do you need a minute to sit down? Need some water? Are those shoes just terrible? Please let us help. Because everyone should have the space to be human, no matter what else is happening.

And what I’ve found is that, in the midst of or at the end of a lot of my client relationships, they’re now my friends.

Who doesn’t love going to work with their friends? Especially, if you go get margaritas afterwards.

Best job in the world.

Hope to see you!