Frank & Chelsea | Carolina Engagement Photographer Posted on Sep 18 2015 by amarishames


Meet Frank & Chelsea. You know how Amaris always has incredible hair? You can thank this girl. Amaris was thrilled (*like really, really thrilled*) when Chelsea asked her to capture their day. She is such a joy bomb we know their day will be just as great. When they walked up we had one of those “do we really know people this cool?!” moments.

They’re having a Thursday wedding at the Magnolia Plantation in Charleston. Thursday? Yes, Thursday. We hope this catches on as a trend. Vendors aren’t busy and prices are cheap. Thursdays are what’s up.

Engagements_FrankChelsea0280 Engagements_FrankChelsea0279 Engagements_FrankChelsea0272 Engagements_FrankChelsea0259 Engagements_FrankChelsea0263 Engagements_FrankChelsea0276


We wandered around Charleston, got snacks and drinks, snapped a few photos. They changed, we grabbed some coffee and shot some more. The entire day was dedicated to relaxing, having fun and getting genuine photographs. It’s definitely a new favorite way to do things!

Engagements_FrankChelsea0227 Engagements_FrankChelsea0230 Engagements_FrankChelsea0238 Engagements_FrankChelsea0239 Engagements_FrankChelsea0242

Engagements_FrankChelsea0246 Engagements_FrankChelsea0243 Engagements_FrankChelsea0247 Engagements_FrankChelsea0251 Engagements_FrankChelsea0212 Engagements_FrankChelsea0215

We love anyone who will dance in front of our lens. Frank & Chelsea killed it.

Engagements_FrankChelsea0220 Engagements_FrankChelsea0101

(^One of our new all time favorite photographs. Swoon!)

Engagements_FrankChelsea0103 Engagements_FrankChelsea0106 Engagements_FrankChelsea0105 Engagements_FrankChelsea0269 Engagements_FrankChelsea0267


Yes, we do know people this cool.