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We create fantastical memories


We adore capturing the essence of people. Wedding days and couples in love to kids' toothless grins, portraits are our favorite.


Creatives improve best spending time with other creatives. Want to improve your skills or just ask 183 Photoshop questions? Gladly.


Once you have images you love, show them off! We love creating canvas or prints or albums to produce substantial art for your everyday life.


I am definitely NOT the kind of person to enjoy images of myself, but Amaris has this amazing way of making you laugh and smile and enjoy the experience.
Chelsea H.




Maybe we haven't met yet...

Hi, I'm Amaris. My name is Hebrew (I’m not). It’s an interesting and unique name, but I’ve been told those are great words to describe me, too, so I’m quite fond of it. You pronounce it like “America”...but not. :)

You won’t find any words here about photography being my passion because it isn't. Creating images that reflect beauty is my medium and my joy. People are my passion. I spend my hours with some of the greatest folks on earth, laughing and sharing life. I make their kids feel like it's play time as I chase them around fields and blow bubbles to create vibrant photographs. Through a button and a metal box, I capture faces across the earth on special days and fancy days, hard days and sad ones. I get the honor of witnessing the beginning of a new life through my tiny box and then dancing with the bride at the party! Frankly, it’s one of the best jobs I could ever imagine having.

In between clicking the shutter button, I share tables with amazing people talking about their big day or how they will welcome their first child. There’s talk over coffee and dessert or wine and there are always hugs. I’m a hugger! It’s just in me.

When I’m not investing in this small business, I’m often at tables that support others. You’ll find me at Brew in downtown Raleigh, sitting at the bar and laughing. Sometimes, you’ll find me doing yoga or running with one of my girlfriends. I’m from Charleston, SC and I escape to the ocean as often as possible. And though it’s rare, I bleed Wolfpack red and love me a tailgate and football yellin’ somethin’ fierce.

Doing this for a living is a gift and I don’t take it lightly. So, get in touch! I’d love to share a bourbon, get to know you and see how we can create some magic.


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She truly is an artist and a friend--­­she goes above and beyond to create amazing images for you, but she will also go out of her way to make you feel comfortable, help you problem solve, and get you out of your comfort zone in the best way possible. I love how she was game for any idea I had, and how her enthusiasm made my fiancé and me willing to take risks with our pictures! We are so happy with our choice.
Caroline M.